Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2 by 2 - A Strategic Guide to Life

Up and To the Right!
The 2 by 2 Manifesto

Life is not black and white: Your place in the world should be observed relative to others. You might consider yourself as "smart" or "rich" or "ugly" or "pious", but you are not -- at least not compared to someone else.

Actions and words speak equally loud: You can no longer get ahead on merit alone. Where you stand in life is now determined as much by what you say as what you accomplish.

Life is a 2x2: Each facet of life can be viewed as a 2x2 (2 by 2) chart. To improve your lot in life, you must understand what the terms of competition are, and where you stand.

With a goal of constant improvement, you must embark today on a strategy to move “up and to the right”!


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