Saturday, November 19, 2005

Salary vs. Enjoyment

Are you a true winner in life, or just a company man? Does you work promote enjoyment in life, or are you a slave to wages? Looking about your job in a 2x2 might make you stop and think...

In one corner, we have the "Winners". Those who make a great salary AND are fulfilled by their jobs. They generally have broad respect, control their destiny, could move from company to company, and get to pick and choose their activities.

The "Creatives" have similar traits to the winners -- they get enjoyment from their job, and generally get to pick their projects -- but the similarities certainly don't extend to their salaries.

The "Company Men" make up the vast majority of the middle class. They make a decent living, but frequently find that they are not fulfilled by their jobs. Company men can become Winners, but usually they just want to get drunk.

Sorry to be harsh, but if you have a low paying job that has no redeeming qualities, you may be a loser. Think about how you can get more creative, or at least a bigger salary. Wherever you are, the goal is - as always - Up and To the Right!


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